Dear Applicants,

Important notice:

We kindly ask you to arrange your plans for travelling to Germany during the summer period well in advance.  From the previous years’ experience, quite many applicants apply for a Schengen visa during the summer vacations. You should take into account that during this time the appointment dates may be completely booked for applying to the Embassy. Due to the seasonal growth of applications the processing time might take longer than normal for the applications submitted in one of the Visa Application Centers and the waiting time for scheduling an appointment may also arise.

Hence, you may submit your visa application 3 months before the intended date of travel. For example, in case you wish to travel to Germany on 20 June, you may apply already on 20 March. We recommend you to use this opportunity and arrange your plans according to your travel date well in advance.

Important notice:

The German Embassy does not recommend that applicants take the assistance of unauthorized agents - especially those offering such services outside their Embassy and the Visa Application Center entrance. Since, neither the Embassy nor Visa Application Center would approve of such practices. Further, neither does the Embassy nor Visa Application Center have anything to do with such agents soliciting applicants outside their premises and hence would not be responsible for their actions.

Accepting assistance from any kind agents such as these would be at your own risk.

You may find all the necessary information with regard to submission and collection processes free of charge in the official website of the German Embassy – Click here

Effective 10 June 2013, the German Embassy in Kyiv is pleased to announce that all applicants may submit the Schengen visa application without personal appearance in one of the Visa Application Centers operated by VFS in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa or Donetsk.

All applicants may submit the Schengen visa application at the Visa Application Center by scheduling a prior appointment online.

In case you wish to apply for a National visa, please turn directly to the German Embassy. A prior appointment is not needed.

You may opt not to apply to the Visa Application Center but to submit the application at the Embassy directly. Please schedule a prior appointment at the German Embassy.

All applications collected by the Visa Application Centers will be sent to the German Embassy in Kyiv for assessment and resolution. Visa Application Center staff has no say in the visa decisions taken by the Embassy.

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